July 20, 2010


I want to blerg but I don't know what to say.

Maybe I will say that today I saw two missionaries outside the library and I just got this huge lump in my throat thinking about my friends. Sitting on benches. Outside of the library. In really hot/distant/cruel places. Being missionaries. And me walking by them without even smiling or waving. I may or may not have cried about it.

I ate a chocolate cone and a dilly bar today. Failfailfail.

Please just let me graduate college, take out a loan, and open a bakery. A BAKERY. Not a cupcakery.

I want a Kia Soul. It's the only "clown car" that I like. Why do people drive clown cars? I don't understand. Congrats on saving the environment, clown car drivers of the world.

Some people will always be stressed out. No matter what they're doing, or how much they've already done, they will always find something to be stressed about. Why? Why do you do that?

I love John Mayer. Even if he is douche of the century. I like his droopy eyes and droopy voice. And musac.

I am a lucky, lucky girl.

I had the most amazing dream last night. No, I did not have hi-top nyx. Hot, muscle-y southern boys were all up ons. And I think I was at the Outer Banks. I was definitely with the Blakes so who really cares what else was going on.

Moo is sleeping with her head on one of my bras and it's really really adorable.

I like the way the S-H-I-T word sounds. Sorry. Sue me. Actually, kill me.

I miss Scott. Scott Christensen. Maybe you've heard of him?


I am going to write a letter to President Uchtdorf and ask him if he'll be my sealer at an unknown future date...sometime. I hope he says yes. I wonder how many letters he gets like that? Millions.

The other day, by which I mean yesterday, I went to buy more Yes to Carrots Lip Butter at Target and I decided to try the new Pomegranate kind...you know I just have to say, once you establish your favorite thing, STICK TO IT. DO NOT STRAY. This pomegranate stuff is buh-nasty. It's like that white "Lifeguard's Choice" Burt's Bees stuff that you think is a great idea until you realize that it makes you look like a crackhead. Ke$ha...you are a crackhead, honey.

Today, when I went to the library, I renewed my books, and they are due August 10th. Which was seriously like music to my ears. Because okay so that means that August 10th is in three weeks, and I leave like two weeks after that. Okay, so five weeks...is a long time. But all split up like that seems like a really short time! Boy, am I going to miss my mom. It's like separation all over again.

I was growing out my nails, trying to break my horrible habit of peeling them. But I got bored tonight and broke down. And my pointer fingernails hurt. They bled. They used to be pretty now I just look like a JUNKER HEAD NAIL BITER.

I watched 500 days the other night and it was BORING. SoSOoOoOoSO boring!!

Some couples are really cute and others...are not. I like to think I have never been in the second category. Actually, I will tell you right now that I have never nor will I ever be in the second category. You are in the second category. Your boyfriend is ugly. You are out of his league. Hit it and quit it, darlin.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to have a ZEAL FOR LIFE! That's right, I am going to be that satisfied person that you just hate because they are so LIVELY and just LIVIN it up err second of the day.

Sorry my blog sucks. Don't read it, I guess.

Love, the future President of the USA (Bow to me.)

PS I am good at yoga.
PPS I finished GWTW...like days ago. Just FYI.

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  1. is it weird that this is my favorite post?

    PS: billy is gay and his voice bugs me.
    kent is secretly mormon and i think he's adorable. even his annoyingness is adorable.