April 4, 2010

McClickey will be 16 soon!


I know you're probably wondering why I am such a mess...

1) I am starting to realize that ALL of my guy friends are going on their missions now and this summer, and they won't be here next year. What am I supposed to do?! Suddenly just start hanging out with 21 year-old returned missionaries? THAT IS SO WEIRD! AND LAME!

2) I have a pounding headache and my ears have been hot for the past hour and a half. I don't know why but I just get hot ears and it is SO annoying!

3) I am starting to think more and more and more about my future, by which I mostly mean major. I have a final project due Tuesday for my Career Exploration class, and I don't know what to say. "I HAVE NOT MADE A DECISION. I DON'T THINK I EVER WILL. THAT IS ALL." No...that's not gonna work.

4) This wasn't originally going to be on my list, but one of my roommates who I was away from this weekend just started telling me about her weekend and it is FREAKING ME OUT and it SUCKED. Like, okay, my draw is dropped.

5) The semester is almost over, and although I'm really excited, I'm going to miss Abby. I'm not going to see her until AUGUST and she is my best friend! It's just going to be really weird, I guess. And I'm sad to leave the little home we've made...ish.

6) I ate too much for Easter and my mouth tastes weird and my stomach feels weird.

...Too much complaining. I will now write six great things to make myself feel better!

1) ALL MY GUY FRIENDS ARE GOING ON MISSIONS! I have friends going all over the world to serve the Lord, and to help God's children...and it's amazing. They are great examples of faith and love.

2) Modern medicine and Diet Coke. 'Nuff said.

3) Ahhh I'm not quite sure I have an up-side for this one...Here it goes though. I know that no matter what I decide to do that I will have the support of my family, friends, and most importantly, Heavenly Father. He loves me and wants me to do my best in whatever path I choose. He knows me and knows my heart and my desires even better than I do. That's where the comfort's at. Even though I'm still freaking out a little...bit...
"Oh, it is wonderful to know that our Heavenly Father loves us--even with all our flaws! His love is such that even when we give up on ourselves, He never will. We might see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever...." --Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

4) It's over now. Fortunately.

5) Abby and I are going to have so much fun next year and we will be best friends forever and I am excited to go home and be with my family and friends and be in Richland and work and make money and get my life back in order after this WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD school year! And I am excited to get back into shape...maybe.

6) I loved this weekend. I got to go to Abby's, which is always fun because I love her family. Okay, wait, I swear I'm not obsessed with Abby...I'm starting to realize that it may come off that way...Anyway, it's just really great to be WITH a family every once in a while, even if it's not mine. Children, food, a house, etc. And General Conference was so great. I even got to go to it live in the Conference Center for the first time which was amazing! I am so thankful to be able to hear the words of living prophets. The food was so good...I don't eat well anymore.



  1. Caitlin OH MY GOSH i am dying ...i laughed so hard at that video hahaha how did you even find that haha

  2. first off, I'm glad you have some good things to say about your first (albeit weird) year at school. Now I will attempt to alleviate your fears for the future.
    1) hanging out with RMs is totally NOT weird. Trust me. What's weird is when your guy friends COME BACK after being gone and you've made a zillion friends while they were away. It's like meshing two worlds. But it's fun (and it's how I met Jarron).
    2) I went through the exact same frantic search to find a major while at BYU. In fact, I spent half my life asking my parents what I should be when I "grew up". I went to college with zero leads and was frustrated when I still couldn't figure out my life path. But I learned to give myself time. There are so many things that will come your way while at school (so much to learn and do, not just academically). Be patient--it will come. I went through 6 declared majors before I finally graduated in Home and Family Living (or whatever it's called now). And I didn't discover that major until I was a 4th year student. Actually, it was a spiritual experience when I happened upon that major and decided that it was the one for me. (My parents weren't so happy with it, but I stuck to my guns and finally graduated after being in undergrad for six years). Finally, I would definitely say that those 6 years of school (four of which I had no real academic direction) were the best growing years of my life. So ENJOY it!!! Don't stress too much and don't be afraid to "try" different courses of study!

    LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you this summer!!

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