March 9, 2010

Things I Love (Besides the obvious things)

I suck at Mondays. I hardly ever do homework, and I just don't really get anything done. Actually, I think I am just getting really bad at school...I think it's because I don't like my classes this semester. Some of them I like. I like my Book of Mormon class, I sometimes like my Economics class, I like my Living Prophets class, I like my Career Exploration class. Which leaves...Political Science and Biology. Hmmm...I went to neither today.

Considering I got back to my apartment at 1:30 last night, I didn't go to my Political Science class. Instead I studied for my Biology class because I had to take it before 1 PM. We won't talk about that test. I had to go home after Book of Mormon, and then I lost the motivation to go to Biology because it's an hour and a half long and I was still bitter from the test. I NEVER skip class. So I think it's fine. Instead, Abby and I went on a brisk walk to Liberty Square apartments which is where we're going to live next year.

Can I just say that my butt is going to look GREAT just from walking up that hill to get to campus everyday? Anyway, we ended up knocking on a few doors and no one was home, so we went to the lower level and looked around an apartment and it is SO GOOD. Living in this little love shanty probably makes anything look like sheer luxury, though.

Welp, story of my life.

Looking ahead and promising myself that the future will be better than things are now. College was supposed to be better than high school, winter semester was supposed to be better than fall semester, etc etc etc. Both false. And so unfortunate that I refuse to enjoy the present?

BUT I just KNOW that next year will be better than this year...Right? One thing's for sure, being at home this summer will be better than being here. It might possibly be better than anything. EVER.

I changed my background because that is the real outer banks. One of my favorite places in the world.

pointy-toed shoes. cupcakes. initials. hand sanitizer. hands. rings. picture frames. haagen dazs (coffee or hawaiian lehua honey and sweet cream). laundry. clean linen/crisp linen/fresh linen/sea island cotton scents. cheeks. toe cleavage. trinkets. jeans that fit. letters. the outer banks. lucky pennies. smiling with teeth. quotes. writing things down. beds. leopard print. driving. singing along to the radio. football. learning. babies. puppies. facing fears. grooveshark. friends who are forever. sexual tension. tension in general. flowers. birds. caring too much. not caring at all. control. pianos. undiscovered talent. aprons. hair. yes to carrots lip butter. diet coke. dark chocolate. tomatoes. salt. fists. girls' camp in the naperville stake. camping. snowy scenes with lots of trees. rhinestones. natural sparkle. third eye blind. good movies. crying. laughing. people-watching. baking. mason jars. seashells. lysol wipes. mittens. doublemint gum. windows. reflective surfaces. spatulas. gifts. ribbon. stockings. peeing after you've had to for so long. clocks. nyquil. rainy nights. thunderstorms. the smell of a salon. songs that say exactly how i'm feeling. change. tickling. wrestling. confidence. baby animals. good news. birthdays. twins. eyebrows. candy canes. photo booths. post-its. kayaking in the ocean. the ocean in general. dove grapefruit and lemongrass deodorant. indian food. naan. medicine. hulu. television. AMERICA. McDonald's: $1 Large drinks, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, snack wraps. painting. Kentucky Derby hats. handwriting. crayons. coloring books. SEA5ONS. memories. Richland Bombers. watching sports. polynesian men. people not bossing me around. making lists. quotes. taking my temperature. the bubble bath i will now proceed to take.

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  1. sexual tension . my favorite by far

    polynesian men came in a close second. yummy.